Clinton and Obama Supporters Divide Over Wright

Posted May 5, 2008 at 5:54pm

Democrats nationally who have followed the controversy over Barack Obama’s ex-pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, say by 65 percent to 32 percent that Obama’s relationship to him is not meaningful to the campaign although, as you might guess, Republicans and supporters of Hillary Clinton say not-so-fast, according to a Gallup poll conducted May 1-3. Clinton supporters call the subject meaningful by 51 percent to 48 percent, compared to 85 percent of Obama supporters who do not find it meaningful. Republicans say it *is* meaningful by 58 percent to 36 percent. However, Clinton supporters do acknowledge – by a 66 percent to 28 percent margin – that Obama totally disagrees with Wright’s views, as do Obama supporters by 89 percent to 7 percent. Two-thirds of Clinton supporters say Obama has handled the controversy well. And about the same number of Clinton backers said it would not be a factor in their decisions whether to vote for him if he becomes the nominee.

Three-quarters of all Democrats have a favorable view of Obama, a number that drops to 55 percent among supporters of Clinton.

You can weigh these findings along with today’s USA Today/Gallup poll and Sunday’s New York Times/CBS News survey on the subject.