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Dems Don’t Want it to End

While pundits and late-night comedians joke about the endless campaign, a USA Today/Gallup poll out today (conducted May 1-3) finds that 60 percent of Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents want the race to keep going.

Not surprisingly, more Clinton than Obama supporters favor the race continuing. Sixty-nine percent of those who want Clinton to be the nominee say they want her to stay in the race, while 49 percent of Obama backers say they want her to stay in.

But they’re not willing for it to last all the way to the convention. Forty-five percent wanted the undeclared superdelegates to commit to a candidate after all the primaries and caucuses (last one is June 3), while 24 percent want the superdelegate endorsements after today’s Indiana and North Carolina primaries. Twenty-six percent said the convention was the best place for superdelegates to make up their minds. Also not surprisingly, more Clinton supporters were eager for superdelegate decisions to be made as late as the convention than Obama supporters (32 to 16 percent).

The pollsters say: “The results suggest that a majority of Democrats are willing to allow the primary and caucus schedule to play out. That is somewhat at odds with earlier Gallup polling showing that the party rank-and-file believes the ongoing campaign is doing more harm than good to the Democrats’ chances of winning the November election.” That earlier survey was done one week before this one.

The survey has a 5 percent margin of error.

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