Runaway for Clinton in W. Va., Round-Up of Other Remaining Primaries

Posted May 9, 2008 at 10:24am

Hillary Clinton is leading Barack Obama by almost 3-to-1 in West Virginia, according to an American Research Group poll conducted May 7-8. Do you need to know the margin of error? O.K., it’s 4 percent. Clinton has 66 percent to Obama’s 23 percent with 6 percent undecided and 5 percent preferring someone else. Among White voters, who make up 93 percent of the sample, Clinton leads 70 percent to 19 percent while Obama has a 91 percent to 3 percent lead among black voters who make up 5 percent of the sample.

Be sure to read Greg Giroux’s piece today surveying the remaining contests.

Here are some other polls released earlier this week on the raming primaries:

**West Virginia (May 13):** A big lead for Clinton whose margin over Obama was 56 percent to 27 percent with 17 percent undecided, according to a May 4 Rasmussen Reports survey. Clinton enjoys a 72 percent favorability rating to 48 percent for Obama. Seventy-two percent said they’d likely vote for Clinton over McCain in November, but only 56 percent said that for Obama. Fifty-seven percent believe that Obama shares some of the views of his ex-pastor, Jeremiah Wright.

**Kentucky (May 20):** No surprises here either. Clinton has always been a runaway here, and a Rasmussen Reports poll on May 5 showed her ahead of Obama 56 percent to 31 percent with a 4 point margin of error. Seventy-eight percent of Democrats said they’d vote for Clinton over McCain but just 55 percent said they’d do the same for Obama. Fifty-five percent of voters favor a federal gas tax holiday such as Clinton has proposed versus 34 percent opposed.

**Oregon (May 20):** Obama leads Clinton 51 percent to 39 percent in a Rasmussen poll conducted May 1. The margin of error is 3 points. Clinton’s usually consistent lead among senior citizens – who probably helped save her in Indiana – is insignificant here. Both have favorability ratings in the 70s.

The other three primaries are Puerto Rico on June 1, and Montana and South Dakota on June 3.