Voters Trust Democrats More than Republicans on Key Issues

Posted May 13, 2008 at 11:19am

Picking up on a similar pro-Democratic sentiment among voters found in the Washington Post/ABC News poll on which we reported earlier, Rasmussen Reports dug into its data gathered between April 30 – May 8 to test which way these voters leaned on ten key election issues – and found Democrats topped Republicans on all 10.

Rasmussen said the biggest surprise was that voters trusted Democrats more than Republicans when it came to national security and fighting terrorism, by a 49 percent to 42 percent margin. The margin of error is 3.5 percent. On government ethics and integrity, cited as a very important issue by 71 percent of voters, 45 percent trust the Democrats compared to 26 percent for the Republicans.

Rasmussen offers one important caveat on reading too much into these findings as far as what they say about the general election, since its polling has also found that John McCain does better than his party, a conclusion that could also be drawn from the Post/ABC News poll.