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Clinton Headed for Sure but Hollow Victory in Kentucky

more than 25 percentage points
demography and geography
expanse of Appalachia
6th District
1st District(West — Hopkinsville, Henderson, Paducah)

CQ Politics Projection: Clinton 4, Obama 1
2nd District(West central — Owensboro, Bowling Green)

CQ Politics Projection: Clinton 3, Obama 2
3rd District(Louisville Metro)

CQ Politics Projection: Tie, 4-4
4th District(North — Covington, Florence, Ashland)

CQ Politics Projection: Clinton, 3-2
5th District(East and southeast — Somerset, Middlesborough)

CQ Politics Projection: Clinton 4, Obama 1
6th District(East central — Lexington, Frankfort)

CQ Politics Projection: Clinton 4, Obama 2

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