Eye on the Senate: Franken Looking Uphill in Minnesota

Posted May 19, 2008 at 11:02am

Welcome back to our round-up of polls on this year’s Senate races. Be sure to read our Election 2008 overview of the battle for the Senate.

Democrat Al Franken clearly has his hands full in his race against incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman, with Coleman leading him 51 percent to 44 percent in a survey conducted May 12-15 for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The margin of error is 3.6 percent. Even lawyer Mike Ciresi, who dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination, would do as well against Coleman. Coleman is viewed favorably by 53 percent of voters compared to 33 percent, and Franken is viewed UNfavorably by 39 percent versus 33 percent who view him favorably. As far as Franken’s tax woes – he admitted he has had to pay penalties and correct past filings in different states – 43 percent of voters say they are satisfied with his explanations and 42 percent say they are not. Check out CQ Politics’ story on the money race between Coleman and Franken.