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What the Exit Polls Say


– Seven in 10 white voters backed Clinton in Kentucky, including about three-quarters of those who did not complete college.

– Only four in 10 white working-class voters said they would support Obama against John McCain in the general election.

– About one in five white voters in Kentucky said race was a factor in their decision and nine of 10 of them said they voted for Clinton.

**Fox News:**

– Clinton won 73 percent of the vote among white women.

– Forty-five percent of voters said they had been affected by the economic downturn and, of them, 68 percent backed Clinton.

– Forty-seven percent of voters in Kentucky said they regard Obama as trustworthy compared to 45 percent for Clinton.

– Fifty-three percent of Kentucky voters believe Obama shares the views of his controversial ex-pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

– In Oregon, unlike other states, Obama was splitting the women’s vote with Clinton and he also was beating her handily among union voters.

**ABC News:**

Unlike Kentucky, only one in six said they would vote for McCain over Obama.


Fifty-six percent of Kentuckians said that Obama should choose Clinton as his running-mate against 42 percent who said he should not. Seventy-seven percent of Clinton supporters expressed that view but only 41 percent of Obama supporters agreed.

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