Eye on the Senate: GOP Doesn’t Have a Chance in Montana

Posted May 28, 2008 at 5:00am

Here’s the latest addition to our round-up of polls on this year’s Senate races. Republicans are facing a wave of woes, but Democrat Max Baucus has some blessings to count. Be sure to read our Election 2008 overview of the battle for the Senate. Also, check out our Senate “Races to Watch” chart.

**Montana:** Five term Democrat Baucus has a 65 percent to 26 percent lead over GOP State Sen. Michael Lange, the nearest of the Republican contenders hoping to oppose him in November . The next in line among the five Republicans vying for their party’s nomination, Kirk Bushman, is on the short end of a 61 percent to 26 percent stick. The poll was conducted May 19-21 and if you have to know, the margin of error was 4 percent.