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Barr Rears His Libertarian Head in N.C.

Bob Barr could have an impact on the presidential race in North Carolina, according to a survey conducted May 28-29 by Public Policy Polling. If Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee, he would be trailing John McCain by 43 percent to 40 percent with 6 percent supporting Barr and 12 percent undecided. If the nominee were to be Clinton, McCain would be leading 39 percent to 34 percent with 6 percent for Barr and 21 percent undecided. The margin of error is 4.2 percent. Barr hets a boost from independents with whom he pulls between 9 percent and 12 percent depending on the match-ups. PPP’s Dean Debnam says Barr is likely to take more vote from McCain than he would from either Democrat. Last month, InsiderAdvantage tested Barr in his home state of Georgia in a match-up with McCain and Obama. McCain led Obama 45 percent to 38 percent with Barr drawing 8 percent and 12 percent saying they were undecided. The margin of error in that survey was 3.6 percent.

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