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Some of Our Best Editors Are You

We at Poll Tracker always read carefully the comments that you send in – and in two cases recently, you were some of our best editors.

The other day, we did a post about a Pew Research poll that said while most people thought the coverage of the candidates was about right, those who believed it was biased thought the bias favored Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton. Reader Kerla commented about the fact that there had been a previous joint survey by Pew and Harvard’s Joan Shorenstein Center that had produced a different result. We did post on that, and a Gallup poll on the same subject in late May, but Kerala is right: our most recent post would have been more useful and interesting to you if we contrasted and compared the surveys.

Another instance in which you helped us out is when we looked at those states where the margin of difference between John Kerry and George Bush in 2004 was less than 5 percent. We drew some conclusions about what those states looked liked this year, but reader Marion Stefan pointed out three state polls that we had missed. The polls in the original post were cited correctly, but the ones we missed conflicted with some of those that we listed, so we corrected our post to reflect that.

Thanks! And keep on reading and writing. We DO read your comments.

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