Florida: With $600K on Hand, Kosmas Kicks Off Race

Posted June 9, 2008 at 6:14pm

Former state Rep. Suzanne Kosmas (D) is officially launching her campaign today against beleaguered Rep. Tom Feeney (R), whose 2003 trip to Scotland with the now-incarcerated lobbyist Jack Abramoff continues to be a source of political hay for Democrats.

Kosmas, an EMILY’s List candidate, has raised more than $660,000 already. Feeney, who is in his third term, has raised nearly $1 million to help his cause.

In April the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee dispatched a fedora-wearing Abramoff impersonator to deliver golf balls to the lawmaker exactly one year after news broke that federal investigators were looking into the the 2003 trip.

Florida voters take to the primary polls Aug. 26. Kosmas faces a primary against Democratic 2006 nominee Clint Curtis.

— Matthew Murray