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State-by-State Election Match-Ups: Arkansas Rebound for Obama

Here’s the latest addition to our state-by-state general election match-ups:

**Arkansas:** Obama has made a startling comeback against McCain in this state which Republicans have carried every year since 1980 with the exception of the two terms of favorite son Bill Clinton. A month ago, Rasmussen Reports had McCain leading Obama 57 percent to 33 percent in large part because he was getting 38 percent support from Democrats and leading by 24 points among unaffiliated voters. Now, Obama has closed that gap with McCain’s margin at 48 percent to 39 percent with 8 percent choosing other and 5 percent undecided in a poll conducted June 12. The margin of error is 4.5 percent. Obama seems to be climbing back in his support among fellow Democrats, counting 69 percent of them although McCain still holds a big lead among unaffiliated voters. Hillary Clinton sentiment here is still strong with 60 percent of Democrats believing she should be Obama’s running mate, compared to 42 percent of overall voters in the state. Obama is now viewed favorably by 45 percent of voters and unfavorably by 54 percent, but that’s an improvement from the ratio last month which was 38 percent to 61 percent. Twenty-seven percent say McCain is too old to be President while 56 percent say Obama is too inexperienced. Fifty-two percent put priority on bring American troops home from Iraq by the end of the next President’s term versus 39 percent who favor winning the war. Sixty-three percent believe it is likely Obama will get them home compared to 33 percent for McCain.

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