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With Three Already Down, Eight More House Incumbents Face Primary Worries

Chris Cannon’s loss
Utah’s 3rd District
their state’s Feb. 12 party voting
“Greg’s List” feature
the 2008 primary season

July 15

Georgia’s 10th District Republican primary:
Georgia’s 12th District Democratic primary:
has the endorsement
CQ Politics currently rates

Michigan’s 13th District Democratic primary:
an Internet ad
August 7
Tennessee’s 1st District Republican primary
Tennessee’s 9th District Democratic primary
donated to Tinker’s campaign

Colorado’s 5th District Republican primary

August 26

Alaska’s At-Large District Republican primary:
is making a strong push
September 6
Louisiana’s 2nd District Democratic primary
Clarification: Story updated to include two Democrats who have formed campaign committees to run against Rep. Jefferson in Louisiana’s 2nd District.

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