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CQ Politics’ Top 10 Challengers Raising Money Down to the Wire

1. Sandy Treadwell, Republican, New York’s 20th ($5.4 million)
rates this race
2. Jim Oberweis, Republican, Illinois’ 14th ($5 million)
more decisively favored
3. Deborah Honeycutt, Republican, Georgia’s 13th ($4.4 million)
rates this race
4. Darcy Burner, Democrat, Washington’s 8th ($3.2 million)
its rating:
5. Jim Himes, Democrat, Connecticut’s 4th ($2.9 million)
no clear favorite.
6. Chris Hackett, Republican, Pennsylvania’s 10th ($2.7 million)
rates this race
7. Michael Skelly, Democrat, Texas’ 7th ($2.7 million)
Republican Favored.
8. William Russell, Republican, Pennsylvania’s 12th ($2.5 million)
rates this race
9. Kay Barnes, Democrat, Missouri’s 6th ($2.4 million)
Leans Republican.
10. Christine Jennings, Democrat, Florida’s 13th ($2 million)
rates this race
1. Michael Skelly, Texas’ 7th ($1.1 million)
2. Raul Martinez, Florida’s 21st ($1.1 million)
3. Mark Schauer, Michigan’s 7th ($856,000)
4. Sandy Treadwell, Republican, New York’s 20th ($855,000)
5. Dean Andal, Republican, California’s 11th ($850,000)
6. Melissa A. Hart, Republican, Pennsylvania’s 4th ($812,000)
7. Darcy Burner, Democrat, Washington’s 8th ($771,000)
8. Anne M. Northup, Republican, Kentucky’s 3rd ($764,000)
9. Judy Feder, Democrat, Virginia’s 10th ($648,000)
10. Lynn Jenkins, Republican, Kansas’ 2nd ($553,000)

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