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Shadow Senator Arrested for Drunken Driving

D.C. Shadow Sen. Paul Strauss (D) was arrested Oct. 1 for drunken driving at the 2000 block of Calvert Street Northwest.

As shadow Senator, Strauss is unrecognized by Congress but acts as the District’s ambassador to the Senate. He is currently running against Republican Nelson Rimensnyder and is expected to win a third six-year term on Tuesday.

Court records don’t provide much detail other than the fact that Strauss was charged with driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated and operating while impaired. He is scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday in D.C. Superior Court.

This is Strauss’ first drunken-driving arrest, though he has been cited twice for disorderly conduct (a very minor charge often used during protests).

His arrest was unknown for weeks, as the court record was mistakenly filed under “stravss.”

Strauss did not immediately respond to calls for comment Friday.

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