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Heard on the Hill: Dorisgate, the Sequel

Hungry staffers visiting the Longworth House Office Building cafeteria over the past few weeks might have noticed there’s a friendly face missing at the cashier stand — and that’s led some patrons to fear history is repeating itself.

[IMGCAP(1)]Beloved cashier Doris Cherry, whose brief suspension last summer from the Longworth cafeteria inspired House staffers to threaten a bipartisan boycott, has a new gig.

Cherry recently accepted a “lateral transfer— to the Members’ Dining Room to work as a hostess, said Mary Bowman, who oversees the House cafeterias as regional director for vendor Restaurant Associates.

There, she’ll welcome Members and their guests to the exclusive eatery. “We feel Ms. Cherry is well-suited for the role given her long-standing familiarity and positive rapport with many of the Members,— Bowman said.

RA officials suspended Cherry in July after she was found, on a few occasions, to be short money at her register. After hundreds of House staffers (and even a few Members) put bipartisan differences aside to protest, she quickly was reinstated.

But some staffers told HOH that there’s new worry that her recent job transfer isn’t because she’s needed in the Members’ Dining Room.

“There are a lot of House staff who are going to be watching her to make sure this isn’t an attempt to try to move her out,— one House insider told HOH.

Guess if history has taught us anything, it’s that nobody messes with Doris.

Doyle’s Drink Order: Straight Up, Hold the Shame. You can take the guy out of Pittsburgh, and, apparently, you can take the Pittsburgh out of the guy — just as quickly as it takes to order a drink.

Rep. Mike Doyle, the tough-guy Democrat from the Steel City, was spotted at the Democratic Club on Wednesday night … and hold on to your Manolos, ladies … he was sipping a cosmopolitan.

Doyle was happily tippling the pale-pink drink made trendy — and nicknamed the “cosmo— — way back in the 1990s by the ladies of the HBO show “Sex and the City.—

A concoction that usually includes vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice and triple sec, the cosmo became so ubiquitous that in the 2008 “Sex— movie, one of the characters orders the cocktail and wonders why she stopped drinking them. “Because everybody else did,— is the response.

So we have to wonder: Is Doyle more of a “Carrie— or a “Samantha—?

Doyle, contacted by HOH, owned up to enjoying the girly drink. “Real men don’t care what people think.—

Rahm’s Strong-Arm Techniques. Members of Congress getting in early morning workouts in the House gym have taken note of an unexpected workout-mate in their midst. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel still does his morning routine in his old digs (Emanuel, of course, left his Illinois seat to take the White House gig earlier this year), stopping by the House-side facilities a few mornings a week before heading to work on the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue.

HOH hears the fit West Wing-er favors crack-of-dawn sessions, and, ever the multi-tasker, sees his workout as a chance to keep tabs on his old pals — some of whom he just might need on board for President Barack Obama’s latest legislative initiatives.

“He’s always pleased to catch up with his former colleagues,— an Emanuel staffer told HOH.

He’s a Catch. Could a Bachelor be heading to the White House? The White House Fellows program last week released the names of 108 regional finalists who could be selected for an exclusive one-year stint in the executive branch. Among the candidates was Washington, D.C., resident “Andrew J. Baldwin,— which rung a bell: That’s the name of the former star of the reality TV show “The Bachelor,— who currently lives in our fair city.

Alas, fair reader, HOH still can’t say for sure if this Baldwin is the same Navy officer, triathlete and physician who stole our hearts on the small screen a few seasons ago.

The White House declined to release further information about any of the finalists, and Baldwin’s Los Angeles-based spokesman didn’t return our call. We even sent a Facebook message to the dreamy doctor himself, but he didn’t respond by our deadline.

So while we continue to wonder about Baldwin, we can tell you about someone else who could be headed to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.

Allison Rogers, who works as a program manager for the Green the Capitol Initiative, also has been selected as a regional finalist. Rogers is a former Miss Rhode Island and a Harvard University grad (proving you really can be both pretty and smart).

“She’s gone from Harvard to this House. The White House seems like a fitting next stop for someone so gifted,— her boss, Chief Administrative Officer Dan Beard, told HOH.

Thirty national finalists will be named in June, with appointments given soon afterward. And it could be a good-looking class of fellows. …

Overheard on the Hill. “How are people going to be able to tell us apart?—

— Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to hunky actor Brad Pitt, as a meeting between the two men last week was breaking up and they were preparing to face a crush of photographers. Our suggestion? Reid’s the one sporting less hair product.

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