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Kentucky Rep. Yarmuth’s PAC Promotes Congress’ Prerogatives

CQ Photo

John Yarmuth (Getty)

Two-term Rep. John A. Yarmuth , a Kentucky Democrat, is the latest among many in Congress who have launched “leadership” political action committees. But the mission of Yarmuth’s PAC is an unusual twist: He aims to spotlight the importance of the first article of the Constitution, which established the legislative branch and sets its powers.

Yarmuth organized Article 1 PAC to “help support candidates that are committed to preserving Article One,” Yarmuth spokesman Stuart Perelmuter said in an e-mail to CQ Politics.  

Yarmuth, who was first elected in 2006 to represent the Louisville area, has been concerned that the executive branch topped by the office of the president (that’s the subject of Article Two) has in recent years encroached on the prerogatives of the legislative branch, with little awareness from Congress and the public.