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Despite Concerns Over Detainees, Reid Backs Obama’s Guantánamo Plan

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) stood by President Barack Obama’s decision to close the military prison at Guantánamo Bay, despite the president’s acknowledgment earlier in the day that some detainees would be transferred to facilities in the United States.

“We’re all awaiting the details of his plan and we’re going to get one,— Reid said.

Reid referenced Obama’s full plate of priorities, which includes resuscitating the economy, and said the White House would release a plan that will satisfy the Democratic majority.

“Remember, the president is heavily burdened with the problems of the last administration,— Reid said. “The vast majority of Senate Democrats agree it should be closed.—

The Senate moved earlier in the week to remove funding for the facility’s closure from the $91.3 billion supplemental spending bill. Reid said the Senate would not provide money, requested by the White House, to close it without a plan for its inmates.

The Majority Leader maintained the president’s remarks will not change Congress’s plans to pass the supplemental bill later today. On Tuesday, Reid declared that “under no circumstances will we allow terrorists to be released into the United States.—

“We have to realize where we are. We’re in an emergency appropriations bill,— Reid said, placing blame on the Bush administration for not seeking adequate war funds. “This is catch up for money that should’ve been in last year’s bill.—