Group Plugs National Running Day

Posted June 2, 2009 at 3:15pm

Runners and non-runners alike are encouraged to participate in today’s inaugural National Running Day, which is spearheaded by the New York Road Runners and supported locally by the Marine Corps Marathon. National Running Day supporters hope to garner support and increase popularity for a convenient and healthy pastime.

Marc Goldman, a spokesman for the Marine Corps Marathon, calls it a “national movement championed by different events in different cities.—

The Marine Corps Marathon will be sponsoring a one-mile “fun run— led by Rick Nealis, director of the Marine Corps Marathon, today at noon. The race is set to begin in front of the Lincoln Memorial, and Goldman expects mostly experienced runners and local running community leaders to attend, although he is hoping the event will show that “D.C. is a great city for runners.—

Since the Marine Corps Marathon does not have a permit for thousands of people running through the streets, Goldman says, “We are not planning the event with the intention of attracting tons of people.—

Although a steady stream of runners can always be seen along the Potomac River and various other popular routes downtown, the time and date of the event will be a hindrance for those who can’t get out of the office for a run in the middle of the day. Goldman says the event is more geared toward making people aware of the possibility and convenience of running in and around the D.C. area.