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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Basketball Diaries

Every time a sports championship rolls around, Members of Congress representing the districts where the competing teams reside mark the occasion somehow, typically with a silly bet.

[IMGCAP(1)]But Reps. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and Corrine Brown (D-Fla.) took the good-natured smack talk to a whole new level on Thursday afternoon.

The Orlando-based Brown and the Los Angeles-based Waters posted a video to YouTube featuring the pair talking up the then-impending first game of the NBA Championships between the Orlando Magic and the L.A. Lakers.

Filmed before the game took place (the Lakers would go on to soundly beat the Magic in a 100-75 victory at the Staples Center) the video begins with Brown commending the Lakers for making the championship.

Showing good sportsmanship, Brown (who is decked out in full Dwight Howard regalia) reaches out to shake Waters’ hand — but the California Democrat refuses.

“Oh, no,— jabs Waters, sporting a Kobe Bryant jersey.

“The only reason that I’m here with you this evening, Corrine, is to bring my condolences,— Waters later says.

Brown, however, is not to be outdone. She brags about Howard and the entire Magic team, predicting that there will be no sweep — “both teams are great,— she says, though emphasizing that in the end, the Magic will prevail.

“Well, who have you got? I’ve got Kobe,— Waters replies, noting that Bryant scores an average 29.6 points per game (although he scored 40 on Thursday night).

“We’ve got a whole team. You’ve just got one player,— Brown responds. “One team, one fight. Go Magic.—

Waters doesn’t shy away, talking up other Lakers including center Pau Gasol and veteran Derek Fisher. “You got wisdom, you got talent,— Waters says of the Lakers. “We’ve got it all.—

Brown, however, stays confident. “Now, I don’t wanna see no tears,— she jokes.

With the Lakers’ win Thursday night, Waters’ office continued the smack talk on Friday morning.

“It looks like Congresswoman Waters’ predictions held true and will continue to do so throughout the series,— one staffer gloated. “We look forward to another great game and victory on Sunday. Go Lakers!—

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