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Pelosi to Defer to Senate on Immigration Reform

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), following the same strategy of the last Congress, said Thursday that the House will wait for the Senate to act first on comprehensive immigration reform.“We have been ready for a long time,— Pelosi said. “We’re ready anytime.—But in saying she’s “ready,— Pelosi made clear she is waiting for the Senate to take the lead. That’s the same position the Speaker took in the last Congress, deferring to the Senate to take the first crack at the highly controversial subject.“The plan has always been for the Senate to move forward,— she said. “The Senate will go first.—Pelosi reiterated that she is “absolutely— committed personally to comprehensive immigration reform. “This to me is who we are as a country,— she said. “Immigration has been a constant reinvigoration of America.—She also appeared earlier this year with Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) at a rally urging President Barack Obama to move forward on immigration.Pelosi avoided having her Members take a difficult vote on the issue during the entire 110th Congress. The Senate tried to hatch a deal, but those talks broke down.Hispanic Members and other immigration advocates are set to meet with Obama at the White House on Thursday.

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