Palin’s PAC Raises $733,000 in Six Months

Posted July 13, 2009 at 12:39pm

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s (R) federal political action committee reported raising just less than $733,000 since it was formed in late January, but it only donated a total of $10,000 to two fellow Republicans. According to a mid-year fundraising report filed with the Federal Election Commission on Monday, SarahPAC donated $5,000 each to Sens. John McCain’s (Ariz.) and Lisa Murkowski’s (Alaska) respective 2010 re-election campaigns. Palin was McCain’s 2008 vice presidential running mate, and she had previously been mentioned as a possible primary challenger to Murkowski, whose father she defeated to become governor. Reinforcing Palin’s strength within the base of the party, Palin’s PAC reported raising the most money from low-dollar donors. SarahPAC raised $420,000 in unitemized contributions — those less than $200 — and raised $312,000 in itemized contributions. SarahPAC ended the month of June with $456,700 in cash on hand. The bulk of SarahPAC’s expenses were payments made to consultants, including $106,000 to the GOP firm Campaign Solutions for online fundraising software. SarahPAC and Campaign Solutions parted ways in April, although the fundraising report showed payments to the firm as late as June 26.The PAC paid $36,000 to Treasurer Tim Crawford, $30,000 to national spokeswoman Pamela Pryor and $8,000 to Alaska spokeswoman Meg Stapleton. Palin’s PAC has also paid $32,450 to IzzyLene Consulting in Anchorage since March. The PAC’s report also showed a payment of $3,000 to Baker Hostetler and $4,000 to Diane Cooley for legal services. In a move that shocked Alaska and the rest of the country, Palin announced earlier this month she will resign effective July 26. Many observers viewed her move to leave office before the end of her first term as an indication that she wanted to raise her national profile in hopes of running for president in 2012.