Pennsylvania: Three Main Contenders Raise Seven Figures

Posted July 15, 2009 at 6:05am

If you needed confirmation that the 2010 Senate race will be a big-spending affair, it came in announcements this week from the campaigns of Democratic incumbent Arlen Specter, primary challenger Joe Sestak and likely Republican nominee Pat Toomey.

CQ Photo

Specter’s campaign said Tuesday that it raised $1.73 million in the second quarter of this year — a three-month period that straddled Specter’s late April announcement that he was switching his party affiliation from Republican to Democratic. He has $7.5 million left to spend.

Sestak, the congressman from Pennsylvania’s 7th District, said on Monday that he raised $1 million in the second quarter and has $4.2 million left to spend. Though Sestak has neither officially announced his candidacy not set up a Senate campaign account, he is permitted to use the funds in his House campaign account for a Senate race.