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AIG Files Termination Report for Second-Quarter Lobbying

Insurance giant American International Group continued to spend money in Washington, although the company says it wasn’t engaged in federal lobbying and plans no more filings this year.

AIG reported spending $950,000 during the second quarter of 2009, according to its Senate lobbying filing, which was filed as a termination report.

That’s down from the $1.25 million the company spent during the first quarter.

Those figures include state government lobbying activities, which in its second-quarter report represent the “vast majority— of the total spent, according to AIG.

As for the money spent in Washington, company officials talked to House Members “in response to requests and to correct misinformation,— according to the report.

“AIG provided information about AIG to federal officials in connection with government efforts to address instability and liquidity issues in the financial markets and congressional oversight of federal programs including the Troubled Assets Relief Program,— the company said in its report.

“Consistent with AIG’s lobbying policy, the company did not engage in any lobbying with respect to federal legislation in the second quarter of 2009.—

AIG, which recently came under scrutiny for seeking the government’s approval for handing out $2.4 million in bonuses to 43 of its top-ranking executives, isn’t spending anywhere near the multi-million dollars it used to on outside lobbyists and consultants.

Still, the insurance company hasn’t axed all of its inside-the-Beltway advisers. Patton Boggs remains as legal counsel to the company.