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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Sign Him Up

A federal court threw the book at ex-Rep. William Jefferson, but he’s acting more like a celebrity than a contrite convict.

[IMGCAP(1)]While awaiting a jury’s ruling on how much he would have to pay as a result of the 11 criminal charges on which he was found guilty — including bribery and fraud — the Louisiana Democrat took time to sign a copy of his book.

Jefferson and his lawyer passed a group of reporters on Tuesday in the Alexandria courthouse where his trial has taken place, an HOH informant says. The former Congressman struck up a conversation with a few Louisiana scribes, and he even signed a copy of his 2007 book, “Dying is the Easy Part,— for New Orleans Times-Picayune reporter Jonathan Tilove.

HOH couldn’t reach Tilove to find out what Jefferson wrote in the book.

We’re guessing Mr. Cash-in-the-Freezer is anxious to bump up his book sales, since the jury ultimately decided he’d have to forfeit a cool $471,000.

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