RSC Chairman Decries Choice of Robinson for Medal of Freedom

Posted August 12, 2009 at 12:51pm

Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom Price (Ga.) on Wednesday denounced President Barack Obama’s “misguided and destructive decision— to award a Presidential Medal of Freedom to former Irish President Mary Robinson.Price called it “regrettable— that Obama will bestow the nation’s highest civilian award to Robinson, who critics say demonstrated anti-Israeli bias during her time with the United Nations.“Under Ms. Robinson’s leadership, supposed human rights efforts at the United Nations devolved into a circus of anti-American, anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic rhetoric,— Price said. The Medal of Freedom is meant for people who embrace fundamental principles of freedom and equality, the RSC chairman said, not for someone like Robinson, “who has repeatedly denounced the efforts of the State of Israel, our closest friend and ally, in the face of unfathomable challenges and extremist attacks.—Added Price: “Ms. Robinson’s counterproductive stance and biased record makes her unworthy of the Medal of Freedom award.—Obama presents the Medal of Freedom awards Wednesday. Also among the recipients is Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), who is battling brain cancer.