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NRSC Outraises DSCC in August

The National Republican Senatorial Committee outraised its Democratic counterpart by nearly $1 million in August, according to reports set to be filed with the Federal Election Commission.The GOP committee brought in just under $3.1 million during the month. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee raised $2.2 million.The total marks the second straight month that Senate Republicans outraised Democrats. In July, the NRSC raised about $700,000 more than the DSCC. However, the DSCC far outraised the NRSC in June. The Democratic committee still had more cash on hand as of August 31. The DSCC will report about $6.9 million in the bank compared with the Republicans’ $5.1 million. However, the DSCC cash advantage is tempered by the committee’s $2.9 million in debt. The NRSC has already paid off the debt it carried over from the 2008 cycle.The two committees spent about the same amount of money during August. The NRSC tallied $2.4 million in expenditures during August, while the DSCC spent closer to $2.5 million.So far this cycle, the NRSC has raised more than $26.5 million while the DSCC has raised $27.4 million.At this same point in the 2008 cycle, the NRSC had raised just under $20.5 million, while the Democratic committee had raised about $36.7 million.

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