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Conway Gives Himself an Extra Fundraising Boost in Kentucky

It looks like Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway (D) was determined to break $2 million in year-to-date fundraising by Sept. 30 no matter what it took.According to his third-quarter fundraising report, on the last day of the quarter, Conway loaned his campaign $125,000, which put him over the $2 million mark in his Senate bid.Last Thursday, Conway’s camp sent out a statement to supporters titled “Conway Breaks $2 Million Mark!— but the release didn’t note that the attorney general dipped into his own pocket to achieve that goal.Of the roughly $675,000 Conway raised from July to September, $524,000 came from individual donors while $22,750 came from political action committees. Among those PAC donors was House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.).Conway’s primary opponent, Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo (D), raised $514,000 in the third quarter and $1.3 million for the cycle.Conway’s camp boasted in last week’s news release that the attorney general is the “proven best fundraiser— in the race, but if in the coming fundraising quarters Conway can’t create more of separation between himself and Mongiardo without spending his own money again, that claim might be hard to continue to make.

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