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Gerlach Ends Gubernatorial Bid, May Run For Re-Election

Rep. Jim Gerlach (R-Pa.) announced Thursday that he is dropping out of the race Pennsylvania gubernatorial race and, through a spokesman, left the door open to running for re-election for his House seat.

Gerlach said in a statement that he was dropping out of the statewide race because he could not raise enough money to fund his bid. But when pressed for an answer about whether the Congressman might run for his seat again, Gerlach spokesman Kori Walter said four-term member was not ready to announce what his future political plans are.

“Jim has not ruled anything in or out at this point,” Walter said. “We’re not announcing any plans at this point, other than the plan that he will not be seeking the nomination for governor.”

House Republicans went to great lengths to find a top-tier candidate to run for Gerlach’s seat in southeastern Pennsylvania, luring wealthy businessman Steve Welch (R) from the neighboring 7th district race to run in Gerlach’s stead. It is not clear yet whether national Republicans would support Gerlach if he runs for re-election, or if they would continue to back Welch.

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