Democratic Party Spending Tops $1 Million in Massachusetts

Posted January 12, 2010 at 3:11pm

The Democratic National Committee is making $500,000 total in in-kind contributions to the Massachusetts Democrat Party and state Attorney General Martha Coakley’s (D) campaign, pushing Democratic national party spending on the race to more than $1 million.

A party spokesman confirmed the transfer, which comes on the heels of news that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is spending $567,000 on an independent ad buy in the race.

With a week until election day, the party spending reflects the growing concern among Democrats about the tightening race between Coakley and state Sen. Scott Brown (R).

And even if Coakley is able to pull out a win, which she is still favored to do given the state’s strong Democratic lean, Republicans can claim a partial victory for having forced Democrats to spend heavily to defend a race that, at least on paper, should never have been in doubt.

CQ Politics rates the general election contest Leans Democratic.

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