HOH’s One-Minute Recess: All the World’s a Stage

Posted April 13, 2010 at 10:48am

While the Senate is already prepping for an intense battle over President Barack Obama’s eventual pick to be the next Supreme Court justice, two of the court’s current members took in a leisurely evening of theater on Monday.

[IMGCAP(1)]An HOH spy spotted Justices Samuel Alito and Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the premiere of “The Liar,” held Monday night at the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Lansburgh Theatre in Chinatown. While our spy didn’t eye the justices together, he noted both justices were mingling with the crowd — and Alito even took time to browse items for sale at the gift table.

Also spotted at Monday’s premiere: MSNBC host Chris Matthews and his wife, Kathleen.

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