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Heard on the Hill: Capitol Cuteness Alert

When hordes of youngsters flocked to Capitol Hill on Thursday for the annual “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day,” several prominent politicians held special press conferences to offer the kids a chance to ask the tough questions.

And while there were huge revelations — Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said at her weekly presser that as a teenager, “my interest was more in Elvis than who was president of the United States,” for example — there also were some moments showing that even Congressional kiddies have normal concerns.

Sen. Mary Landrieu held a special 45-minute event to mark the holiday, taking questions on everything from whether she likes to be a Senator (she does) to who her favorite president is (Abraham Lincoln — although she noted, “Of course, I didn’t know Abraham Lincoln”).

But perhaps the toughest query of the session came from the Louisiana Democrat’s own daughter, Mary Shannon.

“I have a really important question,” she told her mother. “Do you have a Band-Aid?”

Landrieu (who HOH notes looked a little annoyed) responded “no” and quickly moved on to another topic.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen appeared alongside Landrieu at the event, and the New Hampshire Democrat noted that while serving in the state legislature, she brought along her daughter, then 10, to see how things worked.

“Some of it she thought was interesting, and some of it she thought was boring,” Shaheen joked.

And both Senators urged the kids to follow their dreams, whether that takes them to Capitol Hill or elsewhere.

“You can grow up to be a mom or a dad. You can have two kids or nine kids, like my mother,” Landrieu said. After a pause, she added: “But I would not recommend that.”

Gwen Moore’s Pregnant Pause. There was a little bit of a Congressional overshare last week when Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) told a House subcommittee that it’s a cinch to get pregnant.

Moore was testifying before a Ways and Means subcommittee about the federal welfare program and shared a little bit about her own family planning experience.

Moore, a single mother who got pregnant while an undergraduate student and went on to have two more children, was telling the panel about her experiences.

“It wasn’t that hard to get pregnant,” she told her colleagues. “It was so much more difficult to overcome that challenge.”

Moore got aid from the precursor to today’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program and said she might not have succeeded without it.

Her spokesman said the candid — and revealing — remarks are typical for Moore. “Congresswoman Moore’s personal story is one of long odds, adversity, hard work and triumph,” spokesman David Frey said. “She often uses blunt language to put a real face on real problems.”

It’s True: Larry Craig Is Ba-ack! HOH has desperately missed the unintentionally comedic stylings of former Sen. Larry Craig, so we were all a-flutter when we heard that the Idaho Republican was back in town.

Craig was spotted entering the headquarters of the Republican National Committee on Wednesday, a tipster tells HOH.

Craig, who still hasn’t lived down the scandal that erupted when he was arrested during a sex sting in an airport men’s room, hasn’t been seen too much around Washington since leaving Congress in 2008. But could the fleeting glimpse of Craig have been a mirage, akin to a parched man in the desert spotting an oasis?

An RNC-er says the scandal-tarred former Senator’s name isn’t on the guestbook.

Oh, Sen. Craig, we just don’t know how to quit you.

Everybody Together: Aw. We’re not sure whether Rep. Brian Baird is much of a romantic, but the Washington Democrat managed to warm our otherwise cold hearts on Friday.

An HOH spy eyed Baird strolling down Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast on Friday with a bouquet of flowers in hand. HOH hears Baird was headed to meet his wife, Rachel, for a special lunch — Friday marked the couple’s 10-year wedding anniversary.

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