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Inhofe Is First Senator to Announce Opposition to Kagan

James Inhofe became the first Senator to come out against Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, pledging Monday to vote against her confirmation.

“The position for which she has been nominated has lifetime tenure, and it is concerning that the President has placed such trust in a nominee that has not been properly vetted through a judicial career, having worked mostly in academia and never before as a judge,” the Oklahoma Republican said in a statement.

Inhofe also said that Kagan, a former dean of Harvard Law School, “demonstrated poor judgment” for opposing the presence of military recruiters on the school’s campus because of the controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

Added Inhofe: “I am also concerned about the seeming contempt she has demonstrated in her comments about the Senate confirmation process as well as her lack of impartiality when it comes to those who disagree with her position.”

No other Republican has said they would vote against Kagan, but some Members criticized the nominee’s lack of judicial experience. Kagan was tapped Monday by President Barack Obama to fill the seat being vacated by Justice John Paul Stevens.

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