GOP to Roll Out Agenda-Building Project Tuesday

Posted May 20, 2010 at 11:52am

House Republican leaders will roll out a new initiative on Tuesday that will become a central part of designing their policy agenda, according to GOP aides familiar with the plan.

The effort, called “America Speaking Out,” will include town hall meetings and other public forums that will allow Republicans to gather ideas for the new GOP agenda from citizens around the country.

The initiative will also include a website, complete with a mobile phone application, that will allow citizens to submit ideas for the Republican agenda online.

“America Speaking Out will be our effort to engage the American people about their priorities for a new policy agenda,” said one GOP aide.

Leaders will unveil the initiative and the website at a press conference at the Newseum on Tuesday, aides said.

They said America Speaking Out will be the platform for drafting the agenda that leaders expect to release in the fall. Leaders have previously called that agenda the “Commitment to America,” but it is not clear that they intend to continue using that name.