May Fundraising: NRSC Surpasses DSCC in Cash on Hand

Posted June 21, 2010 at 10:35am

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee outraised its GOP counterpart during the month of May by $1.4 million, but the National Republican Senatorial Committee ended last month with more in the bank.

The NRSC brought in $3.6 million during May and spent $2.5 million, bringing the committee’s cash-on-hand total to $18.1 million with just over five months to go before the midterm elections.

The DSCC raised $5 million, spent $4.6 million and had about $17.6 million on hand as of May 31.

Republicans were quick to tout their cash position after Democrats had a nearly 2-to-1 financial advantage last fall.

The NRSC’s monthly receipts in May were down from the $4.4 million raised in April and the $5.1 million raised in March. Over the course of the cycle, the GOP Senate committee has raised $64.1 million. The DSCC raised $6 million in March, $4.2 million in April and has raised about $66.8 million for the cycle.

On the House side, the National Republican Congressional Committee outraised its Democratic counterpart for the second month in a row. But the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee still has a wide cash-on-hand lead.

The NRCC raised $5.4 million while the DCCC raised $5.1 million. But the extra $300,000 that the NRCC raised put very little dent into House Democrats’ more than $16 million cash advantage. The Democratic committee ended the month with $28.6 million in the bank while the NRCC had $12 million. Since the start of the cycle, the DCCC has raised about $84.6 million to the NRCC’s $66.4 million.

Both committees spent heavily in May, a month that saw key special elections in Hawaii and Pennsylvania. The NRCC dished out $4.8 million last month while the DCCC spent about $3.8 million.

The House committee’s June reports should be particularly interesting because both sides are expecting big months. Democrats have traditionally prided themselves on having strong fundraising reports at the end of a quarter, while the NRCC launched its biennial “Battleground” fundraising effort this month and has already claimed several million in donations through that effort.