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House Democrats Use Passage of Jobless Benefits to Blast Republicans

The House voted 272-152 to send a long-delayed extension of unemployment benefits to President Barack Obama over Republican objections that the package would add to the deficit.

House Democratic leaders reveled in their latest victory over Republicans, coming on the heels of the signing of the financial reform package, but they lamented the deletion of several jobs proposals, including a youth jobs program, aid to the states and other items, in the Senate largely because of Republican objections.

“The list goes on and on — a list of paid-for initiatives that benefit our veterans, grow our economy, create jobs, help our workers, help our young people, stabilize our states, all paid for,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. “The Republicans Senators said no.”

The California Democrat also ripped Republicans for “saying we must pay for the $34 billion for benefits for the unemployed, but we don’t have to pay for the $700 billion for the wealthiest people in America to have tax cuts.”

Republicans said the need for more unemployment benefits demonstrates the failure of Democrats’ economic policies and that their cost could easily be offset by cutting government bloat elsewhere.

“Surely we can find spending cuts somewhere in the vast federal budget to offset the cost of this extension,” said Rep. Tom Price (Ga.), chairman of the Republican Study Committee.

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