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Connecticut: GOP Senate Candidates Escalate TV Attacks

The airwaves have turned nasty.

A week before primary voters will be asked to select a Republican to battle state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal for the open Senate seat, Republican hopefuls Peter Schiff and Rob Simmons are airing new ads that go after GOP frontrunner Linda McMahon.

Schiff’s 30-second spot, which is scheduled to run through the Aug. 10 primary, depicts McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, standing in a wrestling ring and repeatedly kicking a man between the legs.

The announcer says: “Liberal Linda McMahon has kicked Republicans for years. Liberal Linda McMahon contributed thousands of dollars to national Democrats. Liberal Linda McMahon attended the Democrat National Convention. Liberal Linda McMahon supports taxpayer-financed government bailouts.”

Simmons’ spot doesn’t mention any opponents by name, but it does include a not-so-subtle jab at McMahon.

Images of firefighters, Boy Scouts and a young Simmons in military uniform flash across the screen, and the narrator says, “The right to serve is earned, it’s not bought. It’s not entered into on a whim.”
McMahon has spent more than $22 million from her personal fortune on her primary campaign, landing the No. 4 spot of all-time largest Congressional self-funders.

The McMahon campaign responded by saying that Schiff offends and scares “a lot of voters.”

“Women were pretty taken aback last week when he suggested Linda’s place is at home washing her hair instead of in the Senate,” McMahon spokesman Ed Patru said.