HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Football Fiasco

Posted September 23, 2010 at 10:47am

Rep. Anh “Joseph” Cao appears to be in hot water with some of his constituents. This month, the Louisiana Republican advertised a chance to win tickets to New Orleans Saints games on his campaign website. All voters had to do was text the number provided, the Best of New Orleans blog reports.

The only problem: The tickets were for the home opener against the Vikings. That game took place Sept. 9 and the giveaway ad was still posted as recently as Tuesday, despite the fact that the tickets had been given away and the game was long since over.

The campaign site also failed to notify participants that by texting the number, they were automatically signing up for text messages from Cao’s campaign. Nothing like a little cell phone spam to endear voters to a candidate.

After Cao’s campaign got wind of the snafu, they got to work on remedying the situation and took down the advertisement. Soon after, a new ad went up that was a little more specific. Not only did it state that the new giveaway was for the Saints vs. Steelers matchup on Halloween, but it also contained some fine print about voter phone numbers and campaign law.

Congressional Gamer

Turns out Rep. Patrick Kennedy may be cooler than your average Congressman. A tipster tells HOH that the Rhode Island Democrat was spotted feting the new Kinect for Xbox at a rooftop party Wednesday night. We hear Kennedy even got in on the action and tried the new controller-less gaming system, which is essentially the Xbox version of the Nintendo Wii.

“The Congressman even tried out the wares playing beach volleyball,” our spy says.

No word on whether Kennedy was any good at the game, but we’re sure he was fun to watch.

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