Rep. McGovern Treated for Thyroid Cancer

Posted November 9, 2010 at 3:59pm

Rep. Jim McGovern was released from the hospital Tuesday after being treated for thyroid cancer Monday at Washington Hospital Center, according to his office.

“He went home today, and is feeling good, relaxing and watching a movie,” McGovern spokesman Michael Mershon said. “He’s taking it easy for a few days. He’ll be back at work next week for the lame duck.”

The Massachusetts Democrat had the thyroid gland in his neck removed. The 50-year-old Congressman’s wife released a statement Monday saying that a nodule was discovered during a routine examination and a biopsy showed it to be cancerous.

“This type of thyroid cancer grows very slowly, and is successfully treatable,” she said. “He’s feeling good, and his prognosis is excellent. Jim will take a few days off and is looking forward to being back at work next week for the lame-duck session. Until then, I’ll be trying to convince him to rest and stay off the phone!”

The Congressional attending physician, Brian Monahan, said in a statement that there were no complications in McGovern’s surgery.

“Congressman McGovern will take a daily thyroid medication to replace the functions of his thyroid gland,” Monahan said. “He will return to his usual duties next week after a brief convalescence.”

McGovern, who has represented Massachusetts’s 3rd district since 1997, won re-election last Tuesday over Republican Martin Lamb.