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Write-In Review Continues in Alaska, Little Changes

At the end of the second day of reviewing write-in ballots in Alaska, GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski continues to draw the overwhelming share of votes in the unusual three-way election.

According to the latest report in the Anchorage Daily News, the state Division of Elections has finished reviewing write-in ballots for close to half of the precincts in the state. On the second day of looking at write-in votes, officials are still counting almost 98 percent for Murkowski.

The state’s official count shows that almost 90 percent of the write-ins are unchallenged for Murkowski, according to the Alaska newspaper. This is virtually unchanged from the count at the end of the first day of write-in vote reviewing.

The campaign of Republican Joe Miller, who upset Murkowski in the GOP primary earlier this year, has been aggressively challenging Murkowski write-in votes, but with little success. Less than 2 percent of the more than 45,000 write-in ballots reviewed have been successfully challenged by Miller observers. Miller allies are charging that the election was tainted by fraud, and the campaign may challenge the results in court.

The write-in ballots will continue to be reviewed Friday. To read our longer take on the vote counting in Alaska, click here.

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