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Heard on the Hill: Well, at Least There’s That …

Speaker-designate John Boehner (R-Ohio) made fun of Rep. Rob Bishop’s three-piece suit last week, but the Utah Republican’s office says there is a silver lining: his hair.

At a press conference Thursday, Boehner interrupted a reporter to joke about Bishop’s snazzy duds. “I told Mr. Bishop on the way in that just because he inherited this suit from his grandfather didn’t mean he had to wear it. But his hair looks good,” Boehner quipped.

That, Bishop spokeswoman Melissa Subbotin says, is worth noting.

“Everyone seems to be overlooking the fact that the Speaker complemented Rob’s hair,” Subbotin tells HOH. “And for inquiring minds, yes, it is his real hair.”

Good to know.

Although Boehner poked fun at Bishop’s suit, HOH wondered what fashionistas thought of it. We asked the editor of the D.C. men’s fashion blog, District Cut, to weigh in. The editor, who goes by the moniker A.J., says that although the suit was “awful and ill-fitting” (ouch!), three-piece suits are a big trend in menswear because of the show “Mad Men.”

With his comments, Boehner might have been trying to distance himself and his GOP colleagues from that Don Draper image. Or perhaps he wanted to appear anti-Washington — nothing screams D.C. more than a three-piece suit.

“But more than anything, it probably was just Boehner taking a comedic jab at Bishop, trying to appear more likable as he becomes Speaker,” A.J. says. No matter which side of the aisle you sit on, he says, “I think we can agree he accomplished this goal.”

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