Heard on the Hill: Bathroom Bewilderment

Posted January 21, 2011 at 4:37pm

Some men on Capitol Hill are having a hard time telling the difference between the men’s and women’s restrooms, despite a common understanding that it is for women.

A tipster tells us that a male reporter recently used a bathroom near the House Periodical Press Gallery in the Capitol without realizing it was the women’s room. Apparently the lack of urinals didn’t tip him off that he was in the wrong place.

As a result of this snafu, a black and white sign reading “Ladies Room Only” was hung next to one of the stalls inside the bathroom, rather than outside the entrance.

It’s “hilarious that this is the gallery’s response to a male reporter using the women’s bathroom: a reminder inside the bathroom of where they are,” our spy says.

It is unclear whether this is a persistent problem; the Architect of the Capitol’s office declined to comment.