Liberals Ask Obama to Meet Before SOTU

Posted January 21, 2011 at 3:47pm

The Congressional Progressive Caucus is asking for a meeting with President Barack Obama before his State of the Union address Tuesday to urge him to argue against any cuts to Social Security.

“You have a unique opportunity to set forth a framework of democratic values and to call for protecting Social Security for generations to come,” 33 members of the liberal group wrote in a letter to Obama Thursday.

The Members contend that Republicans have “long targeted Social Security for privatization,” claiming they “invented” a Social Security “crisis” to try to make their case.

Since Obama formed a bipartisan deficit commission that made its report late last year, liberal Members have been moving to make sure cuts to Social Security are off the table.

“The promise of Social Security is one we must keep,” the lawmakers wrote. “We urge you to send a clear message in your State of the Union Address: Hands off Social Security!”