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Architect of the Capitol Stephen Ayers on Tuesday selected Beth Plemmons to serve as CEO for visitor services at the Capitol Visitor Center.

Plemmons was director of visitor services until July, when she took over as acting CEO. Terrie Rouse, Plemmons’ predecessor in the post, was fired in July after a three-year tenure marred by standoffish relations with Members and employee complaints about what they called Rouse’s harsh style of management.

“Beth is a talented leader and a great communicator,” Ayers said in a statement. “Beth appreciates the historical significance of the addition of the Visitor Center to the Capitol and the role it plays in providing excellent customer service to all those who visit the U.S. Capitol and interact with their elected representatives.  She has been instrumental in our efforts to ensure that we provide an educational, accessible, and welcoming environment.”

But tour guides are still hesitant to accept that this is a change from the acrimony Rouse brought to the workplace. Megan Burger, interim president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 658, the CVC tour guides’ union, said there is still much work to be done.

“Up until recently, she has been part of the Terrie Rouse team, so it is difficult to distinguish her leadership style and priorities from Terrie Rouse’s,” Burger said.

Plemmons will oversee all aspects of the CVC, including tour guides, the restaurant, gift shops, exhibits and special events.

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