Heard on the Hill: Tiger Blood and the National Debt

Posted March 8, 2011 at 5:58pm

At least Charlie Sheen is good for something.

When it comes to the national debt, Rep. Jeff Flake is an expert at breaking down the complicated topic so the average person can understand it.

This week, the Arizona Republican is using Sheen and his catchphrases to explain the scope of the more than $14 trillion debt.

“Eliminating the national debt? Duh, winning!” Flake says.

Flake issued a press release Monday comparing the national debt to the recent money woes that Sheen has suffered after being fired from his hit show, “Two and a Half Men.” The actor was making a whopping $2 million per episode.

Flake says Sheen’s financial troubles pale in comparison to the country’s. In fact, Flake says the actor would have to tape
7 million episodes of the TV show in order to make enough cash to eliminate the national debt.

In recent weeks, Sheen has claimed to have “tiger blood” running in his veins, something Flake says Congress could use.

“Charlie Sheen’s got a point. Maybe if Congress had tiger blood we’d have eliminated the national debt by now,” he tells HOH.

Last month, Flake introduced legislation that would allow taxpayers to designate up to 10 percent of their federal income tax liability to reduce the national debt.

It’s unclear whether the bill is winning support in the House Ways and Means and Budget committees.