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Heard on the Hill: Mom’s Home Cooking Really Does Cure All

Looks like the tiger blood is out of Rep. David Wu’s system.

The Oregon Democrat sent a note to constituents Monday updating them on his mental health and assuring them that he’s over the mini meltdown that he had last fall.

Earlier this year, Wu admitted to acting erratically in the weeks leading up to his November re-election and said he was getting mental help. His behavior, which included e-mailing staff a bizarre photo of himself in a tiger costume, caused several of his employees to resign.

“I sincerely regret some of the things I said and did, all of which you have been reading about in the papers,” Wu writes in the note. “Losing some good staffers was a strong wake up call for me.”

These days, Wu says, he’s in a good place. Not only is he under a doctor’s care, but his mother recently moved in with him to help raise his two children.

Living with a parent might be stressful for some adults, but Wu says it comes with one very big perk.

“She’s cooking traditional Chinese dishes for the family every night,” Wu writes. “I haven’t eaten this well since high school.”

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