Heard on the Hill: Shared Slogan

Posted April 24, 2011 at 9:41pm

Members of the tea party may have made their way into Congress by saying they’re anti-Washington, but they share a battle cry with some D.C. advocates.

DC Vote, the local group that supports the city getting some representation in Congress, has been distributing lawn signs and posters with a modified version of the Gadsden flag slogan emblazoned across the front: “Congress: Don’t Tread on DC!”

“The original Boston Tea Party protested taxation without representation, and DC still suffers that injustice today,” the organization’s website reads.

Spokeswoman Leah Ramsay says the group took the slogan because it agreed with the tea party’s stance on local government controlling local issues.

The group, which has participated in protests outside the Senate office buildings, ordered 5,000 signs and will distribute them until they run out.

Last week, HOH spotted a few Members hanging Gadsden flags in their offices. We can’t help but wonder what they think about the new use of their adopted slogan.