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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Ben’s Burger

After he’s done with Congress, Sen. Ben Nelson might have a future on the Food Network.

The Democrat appeared on NTV, a local ABC affiliate in Kearney, Neb., on Monday morning to teach his constituents about “the Ben Burger.”

Made of good ol’ Nebraska lean ground beef (because “you don’t want it breaking apart,” the Congressional chef said), the burger also features teriyaki sauce and French fried onions.

The Senator threw in a couple things about consistency and mixing it up, but it turns out the recipe isn’t his own: He got it from his assistant.

Jake Thompson, Nelson’s spokesman, laughed when HOH asked whether the Senator is known for having prodigious cooking skills.

“Not particularly,” Thompson said.

In the segment, the Senator admitted he’s not the best in the kitchen.

“I never considered myself a cook because I only do chef work,” he joked with the hosts. “That means I do it on weekends as opposed to having to do it all the time.”

Despite that, HOH still thinks “The Barefoot Senator” could be a big hit.