HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Run West, Young Man!

Posted May 5, 2011 at 10:52am

When Rep. Allen West runs for Congress, he really does run for Congress.

The Florida Republican will host “Run West,” a fundraiser for his 2012 campaign and his first in D.C. The fundraiser will start with a reception at the Capitol Hill Club at 5 p.m. Thursday. After that, the group will head out for a four-mile run down the National Mall. A few dozen people are expected to show up to the event.

Carolyn Machado, a fundraiser with West’s campaign, said the Representative likes to do physical activities as fundraisers, from running to scuba diving.

HOH particularly enjoyed the names for the contributors. Those who donate $2,500 were in the Ironman category, while $1,500 donations warranted the Marathoner label. Those who might be a little less enthusiastic got Jogger ($1,000) and Treadmill (a measly $500).

Machado said the names were “just things we thought up along the way.”