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Heard on the Hill: Braley Back Behind the Bar Serving Brews

Rep. Bruce Braley will be going back to his roots when he slings drinks from the far side of the Ugly Mug bar next week.

“I put myself through college tending bar at Minsky’s in Ames, Iowa,” the Iowa Democrat tells HOH.

The Congressman will be serving brews and cocktails to all those that belly up to his bar Wednesday for the Third Annual Congressional Women’s Softball Game pre-game happy hour.

At Minsky’s, Braley’s claim to fame was once making 160 frozen strawberry daiquiris in one shift — a near inhuman feat for most liquor jockeys.

Braley hung up his shaker nearly 30 years ago after he graduated from Iowa State University, but he still has that bartender confidence.

“When you can slide a full pitcher of beer down the bar 15 feet or more and have it land in front of the customer, you don’t worry about whether your bartending skills have gotten rusty,” he says.

Proceeds from the event will go to Young Survival Coalition, a breast cancer-related nonprofit. So, don’t forget to tip your bartender, folks.